Paul Brayton

Paul Brayton specializes in providing quality design solutions with fine leather, woven upholstry fabrics, and faux leather.Designer collaborative guest, executive, and lounge seating are recognized as a great option from Paul Brayton as well.


We don’t believe in average workspaces. We’re more about the ones that unlock creativity, passion, and productivity. We do this with products that are smarter, better, and get there faster.


DarRan Furniture is a woman-owned, family operated, high quality mid-priced furniture manufacturer recognized for a broad spectrum of wood desk collections, reception stations, conference tables and seating solutions.


Gresco takes pride in delivering quality, unique products to commercial, healthcare, library, and educational markets.From colorful, imaginative children’s and young adult furnishings, to the functionality of a classic library display, Gressco provide specialized products to help designers createinviting, interactive spaces designed with lasting quality and craftsmanship.

KFI Studios

KFI Studios’ products are unmatched in quality and beauty. Creating purposeful design is how we refer to the holistic approach we take to our product line up. Imminently mix and match-able, KFI Studios’ products have countless options for chairs and tables, graded in textiles, and lead times as quick as 48 hours. We begin with great inspirational design, ensuring that every product is curated to join the KFI Studios’ family of products. Most importantly, we take pride that those products are built to support a broad spectrum of applications and leave designers, architects, and space planners pleasantly surprised at our pricing. Add to all of that an incredible support staff of real, live people, selecting KFI Studios as a partner in projects is an easy choice for firms and designers. This year’s gallery is curated to show a small selection of products, so we encourage you to visit KFI Studios for a look at the larger selection.

Source International Seating

Established in 1982 Source International specializes in creating contract seating for customers seeking a blend of sophisticated design, environmental responsibility, and realistic pricing. We seek out innovative product designers from around the world to help create our portfolio of seating products.


Our strengths are versatility and quality.TablEx offers over 30 base designs, and many top shapes, all in popular colors.Of course, if you have something different in mind, custom designed and engineered tables are just a phone call away.We shine when you challenge us with a table tailored just for your needs.

Trinity Furniture

Wth a breadth of products for healthcare applications, universities and schools, corporate, judicial and public spaces, Trinity understands that customer furniture requirements can be very specific. So in keeping with their humble beginnings, every effort is made to provide custom solutions for any environment.